How does the August Smart Lock work?

Smart Locks have become a very large segment of digital home revolution products. Even though many of them are similar in terms of aesthetics and features, the August Smart Lock is the best. One of the features that set it apart from other smart locks is that it allows you to use the existing deadbolt. Furthermore, the August Smart lock comes complete with an easy to use wireless keypad, which makes it perform even better.

What it controls

The August smart lock does not control every lock that you have mounted on the door. The only hardware it controls is your deadbolt. Being a retrofit smart lock, it lets you choose your desired quality of the deadbolt. In fact, if your existing lock is using compatible deadbolts for August smart lock, you can be able to add to it a smart lock.

How it unlocks and unlocks the door

The August smart lock features an auto-unlock that do not require you to operate manually. When you are approaching your door, the auto-unlock feature will sense and unlocks automatically to allow you in. Therefore, you don’t have to get your phone for you to unlock your door. After all, this lock is meant to make your home safe and to make your work easier. And you don’t need to close the door behind you manually when you are already in. This gadget features an EverLock technology that locks your door behind you automatically. The August smart lock gives you peace of mind because you won’t have to worry about forgetting to unlock your door.

Sometimes, your smartphone battery can die and you might not be able to unlock or lock your door. Fortunately, the flexibility and improved functionality of this smart lock allows you to use your traditional key to unlock or lock your door. Moreover, you can also borrow a smartphone from your friend or neighbour if yours is out of battery. You simply download the app and log in using your password. After which, open your door and then exit the app before returning the smartphone to the owner.

When you are leaving your home, you can go the “manual” way and lock your door by simply taping on the green ring. Unlocking the same door the manual way only requires tapping on the unit’s red circle.


This smart lock is compatible not only with Android, but also with iPhone devices. This unit works with all Apple devices that are running Bluetooth 4.0-enabled devices. All devices that are running the Android 4.4 KitKat, and iOS 7 or later versions works effectively with the August smart lock. Using this well-designed app is very easy. To view all your August-installed locks, you simply find a specific location and tap on it and you will be able to view their status.

When installing the August smart lock, you don’t have to remove your exterior existing door hardware. This lock replaces your present interior side of the standard deadbolt. In simple terms, the lock allows you to keep your present door hardware.

Hoe August Smart Lock helps you

Apart from locking and unlocking all your doors using just your smartphone, you can also keep the track of everyone who comes or leaves. You can do all these from your Android or iOS smartphone. In short, your smartphone becomes your key.

If you want to lock this smart lock, your voice can do this for you. All you need to do is ask Google Assistance, Amazon Alexa or Siri.

With the August smart lock, you are actually the keymaster because you don’t have to copy any key again. If you want to allow your family to have access to your home, you can create them virtual keys. Whether you want to allow anyone access to your home for one day, two weeks, a month or even on specific day and so on, you have total control. August smart lock lets you know who enters or leaves your home because you can keep track of any movement. And because you can create unique keys for every user, you will definitely know the person opening the door your home and at what time.

The August smart lock lets you know the status of your door from wherever you are. If it is locked and you want to unlock it to grant access, you can unlock it remotely. You can also lock your door from wherever you are provided you have a smartphone. Knowing that your home is safe gives you peace of mind. This improves your mood and raises your confidence.

August Smart Lock deter burglars

According to statistics, most residential burglaries happen in day time when people have gone to work. With August Doorbell Cam, burglars might think you are inside the house when they knock or touch your door. Irrespective of where you are, you can use a two-way radio to respond to a knock at the door.